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   Unexpectedly, the three days of the 2017 Shanghai International Intelligent Building Intelligent Home Exhibition ended successfully. However, people around the world on the Xpowetr series of products of interest and enthusiasm is still continuing.

  The crowd of people before the booth is fully demonstrated by the attractiveness of the Xpower series of products to modern people. A group of people who are interested in technology and home are trying to explore the product itself. We are giving a satisfactory answer. But also get a lot of valuable advice. Xpower's design concept has also been their recognition, Xpower magic socket products to subvert the traditional indoor electrical power system, changing the way people connected electricity, we will be innovative to the tedious electrical wiring cleverly integrated into the skirting line Appropriate wall attached material, not only for users to bring the use of convenience, but also to a certain extent, reduce the user in the decoration process, dirty and tired and not environmentally friendly and increasingly expensive chisel wall slotted wiring hidden engineering. Consider the user to save the decoration of the manual costs, shorten the renovation period; and reduce the wall and the housing structure of the damage, to provide users with more comfortable and comfortable indoor environment.